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Embroider this simple design that will surely give you strength every time you see it. Make your own craft and decorate it in your home or give it to a loved one. What's more special than that?



Embroidery Kit Love Wins (with instructions)

  • What does the LOVE WINS embroidery kit include?

    • Fabric printed with the design
    • Embroidery needle
    • Moulin thread (1 pc)
    • Wooden crate 15 cm.
    • Instructions in video format

    Suggested stitch: Plaque/satin with three strand thread

    Why a video tutorial and not a booklet with instructions?

    Because I love trees and don't like the pointless use of paper, I choose to move digitally wherever I can. That's why the embroidery kit instructions are digital! Yay! And apart from saving some trees, by watching a video tutorial, we understand the process even better.


    How will I receive my order? 

    A Shiny Day orders are shipped in eco-friendly packages made from recycled and recyclable paper. In the package, you won't find thank you cards or stickers, not because I don't appreciate your order, but because A Shiny Day is #LowWaste! The purchase receipt is also sent digitally. Less paper, more trees, right?

    Thank you for supporting A Shiny Day! 

    If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact me on instagram , facebook or

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