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Pom-pom tights for kids

You will need :

  1. White tights for kids

  2. Pom-poms

  3. Silicone glue

Instructions :

  1. Choose the pom-pom colors you want

  2. Turn the silicone gun on to warm the glue

  3. Put your hand in the tights so that the material stretches and you can glue the pom-poms more easily

  4. Apply minimal silicone glue on each pom-pom

  5. Glue wherever, on the tights

3 ways to use Green Clay

Η πράσινη άργιλος είναι το θαυματουργό πέτρωμα που μου έκλεψε την καρδιά και σε αυτό το άρθρο σου δείχνω 3 τρόπους να την αξιοποιήσεις.

Vegan sugar-free carrot pancakes

I don't think that you need any more reasons to try this, but nontheless, these pancakes are : Healthy Delicious Low in gluten Sugar-free Super easy A success in baking + The sweetener used in the gar


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