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Pom-pom beanie

  1. Winter never came in Greece,

  2. The only occasion I can think of that this beautiful beanie fits it, is a walk in the park, but not for long (a beanie and 17 degrees Celsius don't go well together). However, I'm going to leave this idea here, and you can use it whenever you feel it's needed. And do you want my opinion? I think that we need to have a little more humor in the way we dress. I, very often wear something that is seemingly funny or childish, just for laughs.

How to decorate a beanie using a pom-pom :

You will need :

  1. An old beanie

  2. A pom-pom. In this article you can learn how to make a pom-pom yourself or you can, of course, use our own pom-pom machine!

  3. A thick needle with a large eye to pass the thread through Instructions :

  4. After making the pom-pom, needle the thread

  1. Pass the needle at the top of the beanie from the outside in

  2. Needle the other end of the thread and pass it through the beanie, at the top but a little closer

  3. Turn the beanie over

  1. Tie the two threads with a good double knot

  1. Our beanie is ready and renewed!

3 ways to use Green Clay

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Vegan sugar-free carrot pancakes

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