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Easy mask chain

Wearing a mask as a pleasant game of fashion and style

  1. You can match your mask to your outfit, to create a stylish covid-friendly look. Every self-respecting fashionista (and those around them) does.

  2. You can create washable fabric masks using beautiful fabrics. Click here to see how.

  3. If you don't have time to craft your own masks, Quixotic masks are the solution. Stylish, top quality and handmade.

  4. If you've done all the above, here's the icing on the cake : The mask chain! Mask chains aren't just super cute! They are also very convenient. For cases where wearing a mask is mandatory in certain conditions and not in others, the chain is very useful. For example, in the summer wearing a mask was mandatory only indoors, i.e. shops, etc. When outdoors, we could take it off. The mask chain served me in these cases, because I hung the mask on my chest and I could always wear it instantly when needed.

Here's why a mask chain is a good idea :

  1. It's convenient! You have your mask on hand at all times.

  2. It's a very clever way to zhuzh up your outfit

  3. You can wear/take off your mask without touching the cloth and transferring germs to your face (unless you have disinfected your hands)

  4. You take off your mask and the chain takes care of the rest

  5. Before you leave the house you can play with your cats by waving the chain over their head

How to make a mask chain 

You will need :

  1. A thin rope, thick thread or special thread for jewelry

  2. Clasps-hooks, 2 pcs

  3. A pair of scissors

  4. Colored beads

Instructions :

  1. Cut a piece of rope to your desired length. Test this by passing the rope behind your neck, to the chest. I like mine to be just above the chest.

  2.  Triple knot the clasp in one end of the rope.

  3. Choose the beads that you will use and pass them through the rope.

  4. Once you have passed enough beads with about 3-4 cm of margin left, attach the second clasp and fix it with a triple knot. The chain for your mask is ready! Essentially, you make an open necklace with clasps on both ends.

Note : You can use whatever beads you want : wooden, ceramic, glass, plastic, large or small. This mask chain can turn into a chain for our glasses too! You just need to hook the clasps to these special rubber loops for the glasses.

3 ways to use Green Clay

Η πράσινη άργιλος είναι το θαυματουργό πέτρωμα που μου έκλεψε την καρδιά και σε αυτό το άρθρο σου δείχνω 3 τρόπους να την αξιοποιήσεις.

Vegan sugar-free carrot pancakes

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