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5+1 alternatives to plastic wrap

Can we 100% get rid of plastic wrap in our daily lives? Short answer: Us common mortals yes. Cooks, on the other hand, not so easily. I made that realization when I had to work closely with my friend Gogo Delogianni to shoot for her blog. There, I realized that cooks need a material that secures their containers successfully. Unfortunately, plastic film in food is somewhat necessary for cooks as it airtightly protects food and finding a more sustainable and eco-friendly solution is up to companies (I can do everything, can I?) to successfully launch such a product that can be used in the kitchen, without harming the environment. The good news for all of us non-culinary geniuses, however, is that we can eliminate plastic wrap from our daily lives! It isn't like we'll get fired if we serve someone a bowl of guacamole, where the avocado has brown patches. We scoop out the brown avocado and serve. However, don't think that all the alternatives I suggest don't get the job done successfully! Let's get started!

5+1 alternatives to plastic wrap

  1. Airtight Tupperware Any leftovers you may have, you can transfer from your plate to a sturdy glass/metal airtight tupperware. Like this one or that one. You want something cheaper? Here's another one!

  2. Put it in a jar!  Example: You cooked some black beans and want to store a portion in the fridge. Instead of storing them on a plate, put them in a jar instead!  Just close the jar with its lid. And that's another airtight solution for you!

  3. Beeswax food wraps Beeswax food wraps are a great way to cover your dishes and protect your food from cat hair. Story of my life. Here you can find the beeswax wrap that will suit you best or you can make your own, following the instructions in this article. It's suepr easy! But remember, whether you buy or make it yourself, it needs to be refreshed after a few uses. Vegan beeswax wraps  Oh yeah! I was very happy to see that there are now vegan beeswax food wraps that work in exactly the same way, but aren't made with beeswax. You can find the product here.

  4. The plate trick My grandmother used to do it all the time. She would cover the leftover food with another plate. Let's say you have spaghetti in a bowl? Cover with a small saucer. Note that, in this case, the food isn't airtightly secured. So if you're about to store food that dries/skins/oxidizes, it's better to choose one of the other methods.

  5. Fabric hat (!)  This is a patent I first saw in this store, while in Paris. I'm talking about fabric hats, like the ones worn in pools in the 60's or like the ones worn in labs, made of fabric and rubber. The rubber sticks to the rim of the plate bowl/ utensil and thus protects food. Fabric protective hats have something very cute about them, so I made some for myself.. However, note that this solution doesn't airtightly secure a container either.

  6. Plastic wrap substitutes There are several products on the market that can successfully replace plastic wrap. The reason I left them for last is that they are made of plastic. However, it's a "better" option than wrap, as they're washable and reusable. If you're looking for a slightly more compatible way, then here you are. Products like these will definitely make the process of eliminating plastic wrap smoother.So what do you think? Which idea did you like the most? If you have found an alternative to food storage, one that isn't responsible for the fact that it's February and 20 C outside, I'll be very happy to read all about it in the comments! See you soon,

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